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Saturday, Jun 3, 2023
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About KAIG

1 out of every 3 working Kenyans is believed to be a member of an Investment group” 

Investment groups make up a significant portion of the backbone of Kenya’s economy and play a vital role in the development of the capital markets  and property development amongst other things. They have also helped to cultivate a savings culture which is essential to improve the capital base of the country.  

The Kenya Association of Investment Groups is a not-for profit umbrella organization for all investment groups in Kenya and the Kenyan diaspora whose vision is to become a world class facilitator of for investment groups empowerment to ensure maximization of their investment potential. 

We provide:
  • Investment information from experts in various formats including regular Investment talks, investment tours and publications.
  • Investment alerts on unique investment opportunities.
  • A voice for your investment group to influence decisions that affect your investments
  • Opportunities for networking and building of synergies with other investment groups
  • We negotiate for preferential terms of service from a variety of service providers including banks, investment banks , insurance companies and 

For more information on these and other benefits you can enjoy as a member of KAIG please call

(020) 3517967 or email admin@kaig.org . You can also visit our website www.kaig.org  

Investment Groups are by no means a new phenomenon in Kenya or globally . Read on… 

Background on Investment Groups
Investment groups have been around for nearly one hundred years. In fact, the first investment group on record dates back to the 1800s in Western America.
Generally, investment groups are developed by a group of people who share similar social interests and a desire to learn more about investing, who come together and pool funds that are used to invest in projects that yield a profit to be distributed among the members. It is however prudent to note that this entity is not for the ‘get rich quick’ at heart, but for those who want to reap returns in five to ten years time.  
Investment groups encourage one to invest regularly and knowledgeably, and to understand the risks associated with investing. In addition, one acquires investment skills that will benefit him on an individual level as well.  

What constitutes an investment group?

Usually, when one talks of an investment group, many often associate this with an organization that solely deals with shares and other similar securities traded in the stock exchange. However, the answer to the above question lies in the definition of an investment group, which qualifies any group of individuals, who pool resources together, to invest in a project that will yield a profit. It therefore follows that even those groups that invest in real estate or general business, should fall under the category of investment groups. 
Potential members of an investment group should be aware of the many attractive features, and the numerous pitfalls that come with it. A group needs great dedication and commitment to start and run, therefore one should be truly prepared to give it his all so as to reap maximum benefit 
The Kenya Association of Investment Groups was registered in 2007 under the societies Act, it’s a non-profit making organization and is  the umbrella association for all investment groups in Kenya and in the Kenyan diaspora. 


Our mission is to provide efficient, value added services in the promotion of formal organization, best practice and profitable investments for investments groups. 

Our vision:

KAIG vision is to become a world class facilitator for the investment groups empowerment to ensure maximization of their investment potential. 

Main Objectives:

To nurture the establishment and growth of investment groups while bringing them together and empowering them to maximize their investments.
This through facilitation of an enabling economic environment and provision of timely and relevant information. 


1. Promoting best practice: we promote the set up of formal structures and good governance in investment groups.
2. Education: We provide training and education and information on the current and new avenues of investment available through various formats such as:
  1. Periodic investment talks
  2. Investment tours
  3. Regular investment updates
  4. Investments alerts.

3. Networking & fostering linkages

Networks are invaluable, especially in today’s world.
At KAIG, we provide a forum for discussion of matters of common interest to investment groups.
We also procure alliances, affiliations or other synergies with bodies having similar or beneficial objectives within Kenya and worldwide. 
4. Advocacy : KAIG is also responsible for articulating the association’s member’s issues to government and players in the financial markets, such as lobbying for tax and other concessions. 
1. What is an Investment Group?
An Investment group or chama is any collection of individuals or legal persons in any form whatsoever including but not limited thereto: societies registered under the societies Act, partnerships and limited liability companies  whose objective is the pooling together of capital and or resources with the aim of using the collated resources for investment purposes.” 

2. How many investment Groups actually exist in Kenya?

There has been no formal research into the exact number but our informal research estimates 1in 3 working Kenyans is a member of an investment group and these groups control assets of approximately Ksh 60 billion. 

3. What are the benefits of being a member of an Investment Group?

Investment Groups provide a terrific way to learn about investing in a friendly relaxed setting, help you to diversify your risk and may eventually even educate your own individual investments. 

4. Who is the Kenya Association of Investment Groups (KAIG)?

The Kenya Association of Investment Groups is a not-for-profit umbrella Association whose mission is to provide efficient, value added services in the promoting of formal organization, best practice and profitable investments for investment groups.  

5Why was the Kenya Association of Investment Groups set up

KAIG was set up to service the diverse needs of all Investment Groups in Kenya and the Kenyan diaspora. We are registered under the Societies Act and provide various services including
  • Investment Education from experts.
  • Investment Information and alerts in various formats including monthly investment updates and periodic Investment seminars and private investment opportunities .
  • Networking opportunities for Investment Groups .
  • Lobbying for Investment groups Interests.
  • Negotiation for Preferential terms of service from a variety of service providers including banks, investment banks, property developers and many more.
6. What are the benefits of being a member of KAIG?
You will have access to investment information and advice from our network of experts.
Your group will also benefit from preferential rates and gain a voice to influence important decisions that affect the growth of your group in addition to gaining invaluable networks with other investment groups and service providers.   

7. Can I join the Kenya Association of Investment Groups as an individual?
Membership to the association is limited to investment groups as KAIG was set both to service as well as to promote the formation of investment groups as a unique way to save and grow your money.  
8. What kind of activities is KAIG involved in?
 KAIG’s main objective is to nurture the establishment and growth of investment groups while bringing them together and empowering them to maximize their investments through facilitation of an enabling economic environment and provision of timely and relevant information. 
We proactively establish linkages between service providers and our members both locally and internationally for the purpose of ease of spread of current information. 
We hold quarterly Investment Seminars, Investment tours of real estates and listed companies and inform our members about both private an public investment opportunities that may arise.  
9. How can I join KAIG?
Joining is simple, Fill out a membership application form available from our website or here! www.kaig.org . Annual subscription is Ksh 10,000.with a joining fee of ksh 5000 Also provide a copy of your registration documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Business name certificate, Partnership deed) 

Membership classes: Who can join?
The membership of KAIG is structured as follows: 
Group Membership: Kes 3,000 Joining Fee
                               : Kes 10,000 Annual Subscription. 
Corporate Partners: Kes 5,000   Joining Fee
                              : Kes 30,000 Annual Subscription 

10. Where can I get more information?

Call (020)3517967 / 2425095 or call or text 0737773106. Alternatively you can send us an emailadmin@kaig.org . You can also visit our offices at Mercantile House (next to Cianda House), 1stFloor, Suite 103. 
1. Information on a variety of investment opportunities available to your group through:
Periodic investment seminars by experts
Monthly investment updates.
Investment alerts on upcoming opportunities
Local and international investments tours. 
2. Networking: You will have the opportunity to interact with, share experiences and gain valuable knowledge from other investment groups.
Numerous opportunities will be provided at seminars, meetings and social events to network, discover and develop synergies. 
3. You will have a voice and a forum to discuss matters of common interest to yourselves and other investment groups. KAIG affords you representation before national policy makers providing you with a unique forum to influence important decisions. 
4. Preferential terms of service from service providers, as a member of KAIG you will be entitled to preferential terms with select brokers, banks amongst other service providers.
5. Access to mediation and arbitration advice. 
6. Access to the latest industry research and valuable insight from experts with years of experience. 
7. Representation at and reports from investor briefings, an essential source of information for any investor. 
8. Provision of a meeting room for our members. Coming soon!
9.You can now enjoy our monthly updates containing featured groups on Wazua.

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