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Saturday, Jun 3, 2023
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A caged tiger

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned.
(William Congreve – Playwright)
Men, be warned! When a proud woman is cheated on by a philandering husband or lover, social status counts for little. What other logical explanation would there be when a seemingly congenial woman suddenly wakes up one morning brandishing a golf club and with a single swing goes ahead to smash the windscreen of her hubby’s expensive ride?
And she is not done yet. A few days later she walking out of her $2.6 million home as her utterly dumbfounded super famous and mega-rich husband takes a duck from the public glare. Indeed, hell hath no fury….
The controversy surrounding Tiger Woods’ mpango za kando (it wasn’t just one but 12; talk about a real tiger!) is just beginning to ebb away but the damage that this sex scandal has caused to his profile might be iireversible. Regardless though, the guy has won my admiration on two counts; one that he managed to keep it under wraps with one of his multi clandes for a good 31 months is indeed phenomenal (if you are ‘seriously’ cheating on your chick, something will give you in and she’ll bust your ass within 3 weeks). And two that he still had the state of mind to do the right thing of breaking off his golfing career to patch up his marriage shows that he hasn’t lost his suaveness a bit.
Of course, it’s not in doubt that when he emerges from his self-imposed sabbatical the tiger will most certainly claw his way back to the top of his game. But of paramount concern to Woods at the moment seems to be saving his tattered marriage and reconstructing his dented image. 
On the flipside, what I find most annoying about this whole saga is the fickleness of the American society. I stand to be corrected on this, but the American society always comes across as one warped in hedonism while still purporting to subscribe to its own high moral standards – a fallacy of self-righteousness.
In a society where divorce is synonymous with marriage and the public ravenously feeds itself on hero-worship and idolizing top achievers, infidelity is considered suicidal – especially so if you are celebrity. What with a scandal-hungry media and a disloyal public that will very happily pulled down a cheating socialite once your bubble bursts. 
No wonder the huge profit raking multinationals that only a while back were falling over themselves to project a demi-god image of Tiger Woods are now hastily cancelling their endorsement deals. It’s called collateral damage. 
A caged tiger is also a lonely tiger; adverts featuring Tiger Woods vanished from American television sets the very seem week the scandal was exposed.  Locally though,  the last time I checked one TV channel was still airing a popular sports program  featuring Tiger Woods and fellow sportsmen Thierry Henry and Roger Federer.  And just listen to US Telecommunications Company AT&T’s curt statement last week when they finally dumped Tiger Woods: “We are ending our sponsorship deal Tiger Woods and we wish him well in the future.”  (Loosely translates to: “Beat it, you jerk!”) Ouch! It hurts. 
But in a sense it’s just a prudent business practice aimed at cutting losses. According to two economics professors from University of California, early this week, at the time of AT&T’s  termination of its  sponsorship deal with Tiger Woods, the scandal had already cost shareholders of companies endorsed by the world No. 1 golfer $5 billion - $12 billion (KSh 375-900 billion)…  and still counting!
Still you wonder why successful corporate Nike, AT&T, Gillette, and Accenture Plc chose to go the same way of tying so much money on a personality. As it is man is both fallible and corruptible. Its an all too familiar episode; today its Tiger Woods, yesterday it was Bill Clinton and Kobe Bryant, tomorrow it might just be Roger Federer or perhaps our very own Barrack Obama… who knows?  

By De’Stefano

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