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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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Safaricom Investment Cooperative
Ali Baba: 16 Jan 21:54    SIC, is it for employees only? We are shareholders and customers of Safaricom, can we join?
Safaricom investment - query
doubletap: 16 Jan 20:20    These ones couldn't pay rebates in 2020 in the pretext of change in accounting principles. I hear now from reliable insi...
Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
Angelica _ann: 16 Jan 19:55    Hii mwaka hakuna top stock picks for 2021? :-d Or we just go into SCOM, KCB and Equity and forget the year? SCOM ...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
sparkly: 16 Jan 15:22    https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1350080637970079745 Can it be possible that KQ operates 28 planes, 25 owned b...
CIC Insurance 2019
Ericsson: 16 Jan 12:44    Where is this man @pkoli, he understood cic Half year results will be out within the next two weeks. HY 2019 resu...
KCB buy buy buy
Ericsson: 16 Jan 10:35    https://youtu.be/2hEEm7RWOIY nbk has proved to be a good acquisition. Yes 2021 it will be completion of the acqu...
Kenya Economy Watch
Ericsson: 16 Jan 08:42    https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/bd/markets/capital-markets/bank-investors-to-miss-sh33-billion-dividend-3256514 I...
Safaricom 2019/2020
Ericsson: 16 Jan 08:33     80% of Safaricom is owned by the below. 75% = GOK and Vodafone Source: Tweet by Kenyanwallstreet https://pbs.twimg....
Uchumi - A value play?
HaMaina: 15 Jan 17:37     Like Safaricom Safcom was very tasty when it was trading at 2.5 bob - 3.5 bob, if you didn't board then then i...
Mansa-X Fund by SIB. Anyone who has invested with them?
Ericsson: 15 Jan 15:27    They just emailed me that Mansa X Fund made 18.75% in 2020.. .. Wacha nikae na CIC MMF at 9% I don't understand w...
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