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Monday, Aug 10, 2020
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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NMG FY 2018 and Beyond
Angelica _ann: 08:41     The capital erosion here is mind boggling. Never seen a stock nosedive at such an alarming rate. bids now at 8.50 ...
Low End Housing: High Risk, High Return
amorphous: 08:30    https://i.ibb.co/PQghZRf/pipu.jpg Low end housing ndiyo hiyo sasa. Pipu, Nai. This is how ALL of Nai will look like i...
Why do many Kenyans despise Nissans and love Toyotas?
amorphous: 08:11    Why do Kenyans despise all other Japanese cars & love Toyota?:-) To veer off the main point a bit(sorry armophous), ...
Realities of Forex Investment
mnandii: 07:22    https://i.imgur.com/FPrngD5.png UK100. Completing wave (ii) Up then a strong wave (iii) Down. Resistance at 6316.82
Bitcoin: Does it have a future ?
mnandii: 07:02    https://i.imgur.com/8NHaxBD.png The preferred Elliott Wave count is effectively eliminated at this point. Bitcoin is ...
Cytonn Investments
BGL: 9 Aug 23:00    People who keep on repeating the same message over and over again have a problem. This kind of repetition is only allowe...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
Angelica _ann: 9 Aug 19:38    Exchange Bar Quarterly Forecast for Q2 2020, PBT figures in KES B: KCB 18.2 EQTY 14 COOP 10.2 I&M 6.9 ABSA 6.2 SCB...
Elliott Wave Analysis Of The NSE 20
VituVingiSana: 9 Aug 07:00    Fundamental Investing primarily relies on PERFORMANCE (profits, assets, cashflow) which does not always correlate with t...
Madness at the NSE
Angelica _ann: 8 Aug 23:58    I shall be convinced to buy when I see safcom below 15,kcb and equity below 20, coop at 8,ncba below 15 ..wake me up whe...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
muandiwambeu: 8 Aug 21:57    KQ acquired! Hehehehe 😁..2NKQ. =d> =d> =d> =d>
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