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Sunday, May 29, 2016
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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411 on dividend and AGM
Ebenyo: 28 May 20:49    anyone who was in barclays agm yesterday pliz tell us the book closure and dividends payment dates? Was not at the AGM ...
Longhorn HY 2016 net profit up 70%
guru267: 28 May 20:36    How did you buy ? i can see them in my online account but no way to buy though i received the forms the day before yest...
fixed deposit rates
KulaRaha: 28 May 20:03    Dude Cytonn 18% ends this month. They pay interest monthly Kindly clarify what you mean by '18% ends this month'. @...
Underwhelming BBK Q1 comes in at +2.5% vs Q12015
mlennyma: 28 May 19:42    Q12015 PAT - 2.115557B Q12016 PAT - 2.181684B Q12015 EPS - 0.39 Q12016 EPS - 0.4 Up 2.5% Q12015 LLP - 351,0...
invest money internet stock momentum
CheckYourSix: 28 May 14:15    money online investment is the future of money earning very useful site it helps me more i will invite my friends to log...
Kengen success
sparkly: 28 May 13:59    Alcohol manufacturer turns to solar power to stem costs http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Corporate-News/Alcohol-man...
How did you make your first Kes million?
kayhara: 28 May 12:59    An easy way to make your first million for the conmen just in time for the campaigns next year: https://www.youtube.c...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
VituVingiSana: 28 May 05:39    Did KCB explain why they had a Net NPL Exposure of 1bn+ for FY 2015? And now it is 4.1bn?
Greatwall Apartments - whats your take?
Ryko: 28 May 01:28    Got a house near greatwall. I think there lots of apartments mushrooming around and they keep growing. The apartments ar...
Commercial Dairy Farming
Dawnwoods: 28 May 01:16    @Danwoods The reason why I like the info from @Munyaotrader and @Gathige is because they are actually rearing the ani...
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