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Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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Matatu Business
Fullykenyan: 14:36    Thanks guys for your advice. I think i will shelve the idea and most probabaly go the rental way. Thanks again. Pleas...
Safaricom FY 2016 results net profit up 19.6%
Ericsson: 13:56    53mn shares traded today so far.
The KenolKobil 2015 pendulum
mlennyma: 13:55    The resistance at 11.50 is a call to 14.75 which is coming soon the sellers are firm on their stand even when there see...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
ArrestedDev: 13:38    http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/mobile/article/2000217425/kenya-airways-in-talks-with-3-4-parties-on-stake-sale Qatar Ai...
Law Capping interest rates
obiero: 13:19    @Obiero Go and prop up KQ then It's on autopilot
A guide to imporing cars from Japan
vky: 12:47    Hi guys, what would be the customs duty for importing a 2009 Suzuki Landy 2000cc,station wagon 4wd..This model is not in...
Tale of Transcentury CEO exit, Sh8b Debt
mlennyma: 12:03    A fake rally before the deep shafting!! Never approach equities with emotions
Investors Lounge
hisah: 10:19    SAMA is pumping $5.3b into the banking system amid a biting cash crunch. The second bailout in a year. Meanwhile, the r...
directional forecast
snipermnoma: 09:51     hope this helps. https://i.imgur.com/vnAvvpC.png Am I correct to assume that wave three is not always the longes...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
mlennyma: 09:49    Should we expect banks Q3 forcust or this kq man is lost???also waiting for Unga,carbacid,kplc,kengen,safcom H1 etc
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