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Friday, May 6, 2016
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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Kenya Airways...why ignore..
UpcomingPaperChaser: 01:54    Del having excelled in Matatu/ mathree bizina I find some similarities in and with qk business and I have a few words o...
ARM Cement shares news of its 3.5bn FY 2015 loss
murchr: 00:05    When you look carefully beneath the ARM debt gloom, you will see the opportunity to board. The huge loss was a result of...
KCB running Chase Bank (in receivership)
Ethiteri: 5 May 22:28    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZpN_O74nYc&feature=youtu.be Ngai! With this I aint sure it will rise again.No mat...
BBK share price
nashx: 5 May 21:54    At 10.7 this is BBK is a bargain...the buying spree begins It's a bargain f you are looking backwards. The future is ...
Investors Lounge
lochaz-index: 5 May 21:26    The air cargo slump that won’t fly away The global trade slump reality check. In a deflation environment the USD dema...
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
VituVingiSana: 5 May 21:21    Q1 PBT in KES 'B KCB 7.1 EQTY 6.7 COOP 5.3 BBK 3.4 DTB 2.5 SCBK 2.4 CFC 1.8 NIC 1.3 Actual 1.4 HFCK 0.39 Actua...
sparkly: 5 May 21:02    Centum likely to create more shares and issue them as Bonuses in 2016 for the next two years. To come up with a total i...
KCB buy buy buy
sparkly: 5 May 20:49    From TA perspective, the support cluster at 38 - 39 level had better hold. Otherwise the bears threat target projections...
Matatu Business
junior121121: 5 May 20:19    How long has it taken for building the body 6 weeks to complete everything. But the time we were placing the order the...
NIC FY15 earnings flat
lochaz-index: 5 May 20:06    It still seems that banks are in denial that the good times are over. Some of them will be forced to beat a hasty retrea...
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