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Sunday, Oct 26, 2014
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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kengen full year profit up 3.3%
Pesa Nane: 09:35    I don't remember a profit warning for this thing or? Seriousl!?? Why would there be a profit warning???? To warn peopl...
Kenyan CDS account for EA residents
Dahatre: 09:17    Anyone know the process for obtaining a CDS account if you are from Uganda, TZ or Rwanda? Thanks
A good buy for six months
obiero: 07:33    coop
Coop Bank - Stocksmaster's 1st Play 2013
obiero: 07:27    await the results and sell immediately after @Obiero what makes you put Britam in the same basket as MSC, Express, Ol...
Investors Lounge
murchr: 06:35    Say Hallo to Microsoft LUMIA.. ...who'd have thought Nokia would cease to exist? Innovate or die...
Rate Kingdom Securities
kumbafu: 00:01    One thing I advise those new to stocks is this: never use Banks to trade Securities for one simple reason, stock-broking...
Your bank statement has strange debits
kanyimwa: 25 Oct 22:50    ... Mine was refunded. Kenyans are too lazy to scrutinise their bank statements
E.A portland cement FY Forward ever Backwards also
whiteowl: 25 Oct 22:06    This weekend announcement will not spare them the beating awaiting them next week.
What is coming HY for BBK?
lochaz-index: 25 Oct 21:29    Another bus stuck for so long. this bus will not be making any headway anytime soon.u just need to pop into any of th...
Govt. fast track services is it possible
Speculz: 25 Oct 14:10    E-government should be fully implemented to realize such goals.
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