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Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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Insightful take on Nairobi Real Estate
Angelica _ann: 20 Aug 23:45    Meanwhile Properties being held by banks for auction: https://www.garam.co.ke/images/propertylist2018/2019/bank-fo...
Madness at the NSE
VituVingiSana: 20 Aug 23:32    Blood on the streets https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/news/17-firms-fall-below-Sh5-per-share/539546-5240774-bfnrg...
EA Cables FY 2018
VituVingiSana: 20 Aug 23:19    EA Cables banks on Kenya Power’s Sh5.2bn orders https://www.businessdailyafrica.com/corporate/companies/EA-Cables-banks...
Nation Media Group full year 2018
VituVingiSana: 20 Aug 22:42    Touched 46 intraday. NMG single-handedly sinking my portfolio you are not alone.Hata Mimi hapa naumia mbaya.M...
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
obiero: 20 Aug 22:33    Still watching this bird, currently @ 2.60ksh and looking tastier. If I buy @ Ksh 2.60 now it would be the same as someo...
Why dustbowl is the future
Kusadikika: 20 Aug 22:31    @ Mugundaman. If you have 8M today, would you still buy today or would you hold the cash and wait to see where prices s...
KenyaRe FY19 - FY23 (Both Inclusive)
VituVingiSana: 20 Aug 22:30    We Speak In Code :-d
STOCKS TO BUY by yaserbigchair
VituVingiSana: 20 Aug 22:26    @Yasserbigchair one of the exchange bar founding member and core NSE insider sends me with this message.. 'THE EXCHANGE ...
M-Akiba treasury bonds via mobile
Impunity: 20 Aug 18:15    New tranche, M-Akiba bond, amount Kshs 500 million for infrastructure development. Tenor 3 years, coupon 10%pa payable s...
KCB and NBK material announcement
Ericsson: 20 Aug 17:23    The two counters on the radar of buying their shares
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