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Friday, Jul 25, 2014
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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Treasury Bills and Bonds
Mukiri: 01:50    Tell him to get the Jamii Bora Bonds. Returns are at 13% per annum better than the TBills. Currently the Money Market F...
Urithi housing co-operative society ltd
whiteowl: 24 Jul 22:56    Their sales ladies came to my office about 3 months ago and that's the 1st time I heard about them.The rental income fro...
Realities of Forex Investment
Sufficiently Philanga....thropic: 24 Jul 22:44    Getting long on AUDUSD now @0.9419 TP @.9430 on lot size 2.0 I'm already short from .9452 but for a fast trade a long...
Young Rich
Nabwire: 24 Jul 22:37    It was probably a blessing in disguise that they denied you that loan, I don't think its a wise idea to get a loan to st...
Top Stockbrokers ( Listed in Order )
Akenyan2014: 24 Jul 22:25    To transfer shares do u have to open another CDSC A/c? I don't think so...Remember I tried it once and the forms i fill...
Mumias Sugar huge demand
mlennyma: 24 Jul 22:25    You will see how kenyans will flood sugar here via uganda,just watch.
KenGen’s Kes 141 Billion Rights Offer to Quadruple Shares in Issue
Akenyan2014: 24 Jul 22:19    I dont foresee bad results but as long as the rights issue cloud hangs up there, then thad uncertainity will continue to...
hooverrl: 24 Jul 19:07    Hi everyone, Lots of good points raised. I'm generally skeptical of IPOs, but this looks like it may offer some long-...
hackers in safaricom?
washiku: 24 Jul 18:57    1. Just destroy the damn phone and the SIM card. it possessed by demons. or 2. scream at their facebook/Twitter pages th...
Solar power
washiku: 24 Jul 18:40    http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/business/2014/07/strathmore-university-goes-big-on-solar-power-use/
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