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Friday, Nov 21, 2014
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The Wazua Spirit is to educate, inform, learn from others; within the limit of what we know, in any chosen area irrespective of our differences.
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Mumias Sugar HY2013/14
Akenyan2014: 01:12    4 Counterfeit Mumias Sugar Distributors Arrested. The three men and a woman are believed to have imported sugar from Br...
Safaricom airtime, bonga points and data bundles at 'crazy' prices
Rankaz13: 01:04    Online firms make a killing reselling Safaricom data units But Safaricom has denied licensing another party to sell d...
Is Taking a Mortgage the WORST Decision Ever??
Kastone: 20 Nov 23:55    Useful link to do your math http://2ishi.com/buy-vs-rent.php
Exchange Bar: Results forecast
yosie14: 20 Nov 22:24    Q3 2014 in KES 'B KCB 17.9 Actual 17.7B EQUITY 15.4 Actual 15.8B HFCK 1.06 Actual 1.03B KEGN 4.19B Actual 4.2B COOP...
Safaricom HY 2014/2015 EPS up 32%
obiero: 20 Nov 21:51    110.58million shares traded on SCOM today and wazua is still not buzzing
Kenya Airways...why ignore..
obiero: 20 Nov 21:30    actually the timing of offloading the B772s is just perfect. Due to the 778 coming in soon, most big carriers will soon ...
Reasonably priced auto detailing &, tinting
deadpoet: 20 Nov 19:45    Nice looking motor! I can only suggest trawling the handful of Facebook car groups related to Kenya - you might find ...
Stima Sacco shares available for sale cum-dividend
its2013: 20 Nov 19:24    Stima Sacco allow membership from employees all over, business persons, groups and corporates. No restrictions as long a...
Realtreaty: 20 Nov 18:29    Never mind taxes.. ..we pay them when we buy anything from local shop...say a packet of 250 ml milk, a bottle of drinkin...
Realities of Forex Investment
hisah: 20 Nov 18:15    GS (or as @hisah likes to call them Le Squid) at it again with their 2015 Top Trades. Heres ZH take on things.. ... h...
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